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A Frozen Stroll

I don’t think I can ever recall such a bitterly cold April. We’re now in the last week of the month, the wind has refused to switch west or south, so stubbornly chills us from the north and east. Normally … Continue reading

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High Spring, 2015. Part 1: Away from the Trees

One of the great pleasures of the English climate is the way that each season has its own character and indefinable atmosphere, both of which vary from year to year. This year started with an average January, after a much … Continue reading

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At Last: Late Spring Flowers

Lambing has finished and yesterday we gave the last batch their protective inoculations before releasing them from the barn and out to pasture. They still have open access to the shelter of the barn, should they need it, but they … Continue reading

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Back to Reality: April Showers and Cowslips

Don’t get me wrong: I love whizzing off and filming with Time Team, but I also have a life of my own and not just as an archaeologist – or indeed, a farmer. No, the other great interest in my … Continue reading

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