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Late Autumn Colour

God, what a boring title! It’s the sort of thing you read in bad gardening magazines and the article then tells you how to grow the plants that the nursery trade is desperately trying to get rid of before the … Continue reading

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The Autumn Clear-Out

Houses have their spring cleans, gardens their autumn clear-out. Personally, I don’t go over-board  on my autumn clear-out too early, because if you dead-head everything in the borders, the poor garden birds are denied their seed larder for the winter. … Continue reading

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Meet an Old Friend of Mine: Alan Cadbury

Like with all old friends, it’s difficult to recall when precisely I first met Alan. I think it may have been on one of those interminable trans-Atlantic flights, back in the 1970s, when I used to make regular trips to … Continue reading

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Flag Fen, 30 years on

We discovered the extraordinary Bronze Age site at Flag Fen, Peterborough, exactly 30 years ago. To be honest I’m not certain of the precise date, but I think it was around the 3rd, or 4th of November, 1982. I’ve described … Continue reading

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Time Team. The Great War: the great leveller

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday: 11/11/12. At 4.40 in the afternoon Channel  4 will be broadcasting the programme we filmed at the Machine Gun Corps training camp at Belton Park, just outside Grantham, Lincolnshire. I’m not sure how this will … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

I suppose it’s natural to want to extol  autumn colour. After all, the main flush of changing leaves is relatively rapid – usually no more than a week or two after the first frosts. In North America the fall happens … Continue reading

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