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Flaming June

I know we English endlessly drone on about the weather, but sometimes it’s justified – and this year it most certainly is. I’ve just checked the farm diary and so far we’ve only had one millimetre of rain in June, … Continue reading

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Sorry About the Silence

It has been a long time since I sat down at this keyboard and up-dated my blog, but I’m afraid events got the better of me. After all these years, I’ve discovered that I am indeed human and bits of … Continue reading

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Archaeologists make the best team-workers: shearing 2013

For years I’ve been saying to anyone who’ll listen that archaeologists make the best team-workers. And by God, we proved it on Saturday when with the help of two young contract shearers (brothers Harry and Sam Lombardi) we managed to … Continue reading

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To My Friends and Followers Down-Under

For some strange reason my last blog post seemed to appeal to readers and followers in Australia and New Zealand! And I didn’t mention ice cold beer (although to be quite honest, the beer we drank on Saturday evening was … Continue reading

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Shearing: Hot Work and Warm Memories

It has been such a cold and wet summer, but from a sheep farmer’s point of view it hasn’t been all gloom and doom. For a start, the cooler weather has meant there’ve been fewer flies and maggots around – … Continue reading

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