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Climate and the British Scene

The weather is an integral part of the landscape. Just go for a stroll on a sunny day: everything is rosy. The hills in the distance are there, but slightly concealed by the summer haze. Overhead, fluffy fair weather clouds … Continue reading

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Beer Today: Gone Tomorrow

I love good beer. I’m not an English Nationalist: I do think that continental beers are good, especially German, Czech and Belgian. But ours are rather special and come from an essentially different brewing tradition. And it’s an ancient one. … Continue reading

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Booze-less Mondays

I used to think that Russell Brand was a bit of a prat. But last night we watched his documentary (Russell Brand: from Addiction to Recovery) about kicking drink and drug addiction on BBC Three and were both impressed. He … Continue reading

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Day Lilies and Embellishing Reality

Wow! What a horribly pretentious title. At face value, it’s the sort of verbose garbage that’s best confined to the CV of an aspiring academic art historian. Having said that, it does state what this post is going to be … Continue reading

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Travel: a Cure for Olympic Flatulence

If I had five pounds for every person I’ve met who’s been complaining about belches and farts caused by sitting in front of the television hour after hour watching the Olympics, I’d be a rich man.  Happily, while the rest … Continue reading

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Time Team Series 20, My Sixth Episode: Afterthoughts

As archaeologists we often tend to down-play finds. That’s because in our minds it’s their context, i.e. where they were found, that matters. That’s why we differ so fundamentally from metal-detectorists, who very often ignore such things. But on Roman … Continue reading

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Time Team Series 20, My Sixth Episode: Day 3

This has been a most extraordinary day. The fort’s secrets have been almost fully laid bare with a series of the most stunning geofizz surveys. The radar was outstanding, revealing every detail of buildings buried up to a metre below … Continue reading

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