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Back to Nature – Again!

We are living through very strange times. Laying aside the political melt-down which has become part of everyday life in Britain, we also seem to have taken our eye off the climate change problem – what in the 1970s we … Continue reading

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Britain and Europe: The Long View

Followers of this blog will know that one of my pet hates is the obsession modern politicians have with short-termism. And hence the name of this blog: In the Long Run. Over the past few months my posts have mostly … Continue reading

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A Moment of Reality

I spent three years as a student at Cambridge and never did so many things. I never visited the Fitzwilliam Museum. I never went inside King’s College Chapel. And I never visited Madingley American Cemetery. I soon put the first … Continue reading

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The Long View: from the Floor

Introductory Note This is the original version of the item I posted in the Independent blog. As ever, I over-wrote and then had to cut it back to 800 words, which is what they’d requested in the first place. Trouble … Continue reading

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Time Team. The Great War: the great leveller

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday: 11/11/12. At 4.40 in the afternoon Channel  4 will be broadcasting the programme we filmed at the Machine Gun Corps training camp at Belton Park, just outside Grantham, Lincolnshire. I’m not sure how this will … Continue reading

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In The Long Run: Times of Change

Every so often I want to try to live up to the title of this blog: In the Long Run. And now seems as good a time as any. Recent revelations about the latest nasty bit of bankers’ greed have … Continue reading

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