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Reaching New Readers

As part of the final run-in for The Way, The Truth and The Dead, I’ve done two guest blog posts about crowdfunding (and, yes, “crowdfunding” is now generally preferred to the more correct, if clumsier “crowd-funding”). Both have been aimed … Continue reading

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Goodbye To All That

Somehow the title of Robert Graves’ 1929 autobiographical masterpiece seems strangely relevant. Does it express regret, or inevitability – or a bit of each? I suspect the latter. And that’s how I feel, too, when it comes to the demise … Continue reading

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Meet an Old Friend of Mine: Alan Cadbury

Like with all old friends, it’s difficult to recall when precisely I first met Alan. I think it may have been on one of those interminable trans-Atlantic flights, back in the 1970s, when I used to make regular trips to … Continue reading

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