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The Waltz of Time continues: Spring, Spring, late-late, Spring

It has been slightly warmer in towns and cities than out in the country, but I reckon that even though we’re only a few miles from the coast, where winters are supposed to be less severe, we’re at least three … Continue reading

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Dundrum: My Final Broadcast Time Team

Sob, sob. I said ‘broadcast’ because the last one we filmed was Brancaster. So the future will be documentaries and for these we’ll move to a later slot, usually around nine o’clock. There’ll be two more ‘as live’ excavations after … Continue reading

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‘Making History’, Radio 4: Your Hero Rides Again

I love doing radio and of course Radio 4 is la crème de la crème. There’s nothing else remotely like it anywhere in the world. And rather like our Town and Country Planning Laws (see The Making, p. 573), ‘we … Continue reading

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A Funny Old Season

I do apologise to my long-term followers for all the recent stuff about detectives and fiction. The thing is, a chap has to earn a living, or in my case something that approximates to a retirement, and to do that … Continue reading

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My Life in Crime

I suppose that should be: My Life in Crime Writing. Some followers of this blog may have noticed that from time to time I’ve mentioned my ‘friend’ Alan Cadbury. Well, now I must confess: he isn’t a friend at all. … Continue reading

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Verbal Incontinence is Spreading, It Seems

Will my followers please forgive me, but I’ve been got-at by a rather obsessive archaeologist called Alan Cadbury. He’s been bugging me about writing-up his exploits, and like a complete idiot I said Yes. You know what it’s like when … Continue reading

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Throw Off Your Winter Blues – It’s Glowing Willow Time!

This afternoon I was cutting back the jungle our front garden has become, after a summer where gardening was often impossible. I had my chainsaw on the go, chopping down dozens of five-year-old hawthorn seedlings that had colonised the Virginia … Continue reading

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