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High Summer 2019: Hot and Wet

I think last Thursday, July 25th was the hottest day I’ve ever experienced and at 38.7o Celsius (101.66o Fahrenheit) the thermometer in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden agreed with me: an all-time British record. But it was the humidity that … Continue reading

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Our North Wales Break, Part 2: Gardens (or Size Isn’t Everything)

A good holiday should make you think. I’ve never really been very set on the idea of using your holiday to ‘escape’ – but from what? From your normal daily life? If the answer to that is yes, then I’d … Continue reading

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Day Lilies and Embellishing Reality

Wow! What a horribly pretentious title. At face value, it’s the sort of verbose garbage that’s best confined to the CV of an aspiring academic art historian. Having said that, it does state what this post is going to be … Continue reading

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