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Back to Nature – Again!

We are living through very strange times. Laying aside the political melt-down which has become part of everyday life in Britain, we also seem to have taken our eye off the climate change problem – what in the 1970s we … Continue reading

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The Waltz of Time continues: Spring, Spring, late-late, Spring

It has been slightly warmer in towns and cities than out in the country, but I reckon that even though we’re only a few miles from the coast, where winters are supposed to be less severe, we’re at least three … Continue reading

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Creating Fort Knox, a.k.a. My Vegetable Garden

One morning bright and early during the winter before last, I was heading towards the barn to release the chickens, and check for eggs.  Overnight there had been a sharp frost, so I decided to take the gravel path along … Continue reading

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Swallows Hatch their First Brood

We built our house back in 1995, moving in on Christmas Eve of that year.  It wasn’t furnished, or even finished and I’m sure the thought police in Trading Standards or Building Control would have thrown us in jail had … Continue reading

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If I were a newt , I’d believe in God

Last week the weather was ‘lovely’, or that was what we were told by the people on telly – and they should know. I think it was Thursday, but around 6.00 AM I’d done the second morning patrol through the … Continue reading

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