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Time Team: The 20th Series Starts next Sunday – And We’re Going Down with a Pang … or should that be BANG!

The first episode of the 20th, and last, Time Team series is going to be screened next Sunday, January 6th at 5.25 on Channel 4. As is the usual practice of broadcasters, they’re going to be showing the best one … Continue reading

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Beer Today: Gone Tomorrow

I love good beer. I’m not an English Nationalist: I do think that continental beers are good, especially German, Czech and Belgian. But ours are rather special and come from an essentially different brewing tradition. And it’s an ancient one. … Continue reading

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Time Team, Series 20 my Fifth and Sixth Episodes: Afterthoughts and Prospects

First, a word of apology: for the past few days I’ve been frantically busy on the farm and in the garden, hence the bloggy silence. Sometimes the rain even managed to stop and in those few dry moments I was … Continue reading

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Time Team Series 20, my third episode: Personality vs Plastic

On most Time Team shoots we get a number of visitors, official and unauthorised. It’s the latter I tend to prefer: they’re less deferential and tend to be a bit more cheeky. One young woman came up to me and … Continue reading

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Bronze Age Boats and Those Who Dig Them

I’m proud to say I was once a digger. And I think I was quite a good one – OK, good-to-average – but not in the same class as, say, Phil Harding. Today he’s famous as a Time Team person, … Continue reading

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