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Spring has Sprung

Of all the plants you can grow in a garden, snowdrops offer the very best value. For a start, they appear at a time when little else is growing, let alone flowering. They’re a sign of hope after a long … Continue reading

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The Slave Trade: beginning the end

Next Sunday, and sadly at a ludicrously early time in the evening’s schedule, Channel 4 will be showing an episode of Time Team we filmed last summer in South Wales. In the 19th Century the area around Swansea was the … Continue reading

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Lambing starts four days early

This morning I got up as usual around 5.30 and started work on the blog, writing something to appear before next Sunday, when Time Team is showing one of my sites.  At 6.30, as soon as there was enough light, … Continue reading

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Bronze Age Boats and Those Who Dig Them

I’m proud to say I was once a digger. And I think I was quite a good one – OK, good-to-average – but not in the same class as, say, Phil Harding. Today he’s famous as a Time Team person, … Continue reading

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On Sheep and Working Dogs

At last February has arrived, and with it the snow. All around us the guns fell silent as the pheasant shooting season ended on January 31st. My lovely Border Collie was able to come from beneath the wooden settle in … Continue reading

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