Time Team Series 20, My Sixth Episode: Day 3

This has been a most extraordinary day. The fort’s secrets have been almost fully laid bare with a series of the most stunning geofizz surveys. The radar was outstanding, revealing every detail of buildings buried up to a metre below the surface. And when I say ‘every detail’, I mean it: down to wall buttresses, central-heating flues and individual columns. Quite astonishing. It took much longer (almost two days) for the trenches to catch up, as we had to remove huge amounts of stone-robbers’ rubble by hand. But when (today) we eventually got down to the original Roman levels the discoveries were extraordinary: everything from a pewter dish to a soldier’s armour. Astonishing stuff. I’m aware that I’ve never been particularly kind to the poor old Romans, but this site was a cracker. One of the best I’ve ever dug with Time Team. But it has been a long day. Now I must grab a quick bite and then it’s the end-of-series party. Onwards and upwards!

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