My Life in Crime

I suppose that should be: My Life in Crime Writing. Some followers of this blog may have noticed that from time to time I’ve mentioned my ‘friend’ Alan Cadbury. Well, now I must confess: he isn’t a friend at all. In fact he’s an obsessive figment of my imagination: an archaeologist who loathes authority and cannot help himself from solving crimes. So I’ve written a book about his first major exploit. It’s set in the Fens and it involves excavations and a prison set in open, lonely Blackfen. There’s an honour-killing and other grisly deeds, too…

Instead of the usual publishing routes, I’ve decided to release The Lifers’ Club through Unbound,  a crowd-funding internet publisher. One of the co-founders of Unbound , just three years ago, was Justin Pollard, with whom I did several episodes of Time Team in the early naughties. Anyhow, I bumped into Justin when promoting my Making of the English Landscape, at Hay-on-Wye in 2011, and he told me about his new venture. As I was then busy writing an early draft of Lifers’ Club, that set me thinking. The DigVentures excavation at Flag Fen, another crowd-funded project , had been a great success, too. Anyhow, the process of publishing with Unbound starts with a promotional video, which will give you the opportunity to subscribe to the project starting at only £10 for an e-book edition, or £20 for the more conventional, if beautifully produced hardback, right up to £150 for two signed copies and two invitations to the splendid launch party.

Incidentally, we filmed that at Black’s Club in Soho. A wonderful place.  Once we’ve put together a large-enough list of subscribers, the book will be published. And if we fail (and perish the thought), everyone will get their subscriptions returned. And that’s guaranteed. So PLEASE subscribe – not only would it make me very happy, it would also bring to life a strange character who has been haunting most of my waking hours for the past two years….

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