As Others See Me: a Frank Portrait

Doing lots of talks and book signings can sometimes become a bit of a chore, but so far the various events I’ve done to promote The Fens have been very lively. There’s been a wonderful feeling of engagement with the audiences. Maybe it’s because so far most of the places I’ve been to have been in or very close to the Fens. It’s great to have web-footed listeners! Quite often I’m interviewed before I speak by local newspapers and bloggers and I remember this one very clearly. It was a few days ago in Lincoln at The Collection, near the Usher Gallery. I arrived a bit late, following an excellent pub supper with two archaeologist friends (and yes, a real ale or two). My interviewer, Ellen, was very forbearing, because I don’t think I was making a lot of sense – I was in a rush and thinking about other things. Anyhow, she was both charming and patient and she converted my garbled words into something that seems almost coherent. And I love the cartoon. It makes me look (and feel) quite youthful! Now read on…

Francis Pryor


In 1982, Francis Pryor fell over a piece of wood in a dyke and discovered a Bronze Age settlement around 3,500 years old.

‘It was an awful day,’ Pryor tells me. ‘Cold, wet, foggy. We’d been surveying along this dyke and we’d found quite a lot of interesting stuff but I couldn’t see how the things we’d found would really make a difference.’

But then, as he walked along the edge of a dyke, about a mile from the Peterborough shore, he tripped up on a piece of wood.

Continue reading on Ellen’s blog.

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