Crowdfunding: freedom, frustration or fantasy?

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This is a piece I wrote for a leading archaeological blog, set up and run by an archaeologist with a made-in heaven name: Doug (pronounced ‘Dug”) Rocks-McQueen. And when I was starting out on excavations, one Steve McQueen, of The Great Escape fame was the role model of us young chaps. Far better, I think, than Indiana Jones.
Anyway, it would seem that crowdfunding is of growing interest to the world of archaeology, so I wrote the following piece with that in mind. I also discuss how my own development as a writer has coincided with the developing digital scene. And I do all this in just 2,383 words. Just click on the link:

Doug's Archaeology

Crowdfunding in archaeology is something I am interested in and have blogged about a couple of times (see Tracing Finds: A Case Study in Crowdfunding Archaeology, Are Crowdfunding Platforms Worth it?, Fairy Godmothers Do Exist- Crowdfunding Archaeology, You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger! The Money of Crowdfunding Archaeology and Heritage, Crowdfunding Archaeology- a view from the trenches, Crowdfunding Archaeology some Data, Finally!). I have also interviewed the DigVentures Crew for the CRM podcast.  I was lucky enough to have Francis Pryor volunteer to discuss some of his experiences with crowdfunding publications. Francis is currently in the process of crowdfunding a book- The Way, The Truth and The Dead. and he is 81% towards his goal- hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Without further delay Francis’ thoughts and experiences with crowdfunding:

Crowd-funding: freedom, frustration or fantasy?

It’s funny I should be writing a post on crowd-funding…

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