Hurry, While The List is Still Open

If you’re one of the people on my email Contacts List who has recently received an email from me about The Lifers’ Club, then read no further. I have no wish to waste your valuable time. And sorry about this, but I must keep up the momentum: we are heading towards the final furlong and the Winning Post is already in view. End of slightly tortuous racing metaphor.

If you’re new to this blog you might not (he assumes an air of false modesty) have heard of my venture into the world of crime fiction. The Lifers’ Club is an archaeological detective thriller set in the present and it features a prehistorian called Alan Cadbury. Alan is a nice chap, albeit a bit obsessive. He was born and raised in the Lincolnshire Fens, where this, his first adventure, is set. Much of the action takes place on excavations. So there’s lots of digging, skulduggery, intrigue and GORE. I try not to revel in the GORE, but it’s there. And quite GORY.

The Lifers’ Club, is to be published by the internet crowd-funding publisher, Unbound. As part of this process I need to find about 600 subscribers, and to date we’re about 72% subscribed (if I drop dead tomorrow, everyone gets their money back in full!).  In order to give my campaign a bit of a leg-up (not over), those nice people at Unbound have arranged a special deal for my friends and blog followers. As usual you can subscribe at several levels: £10 gets you an e-book version; £20 a hardback printed book and £30, secures a signed copy. Normally, signed copies retail at £50, but not for you! But please bear in mind this offer runs out at the end of July – a saving of £20.

All you have to do is sign-up at and pledge for my book.

When you check-out you’ll be asked if you have a gift/promotion code. Just enter the word ‘trowel’ here.

All levels of subscribers get their names in both the printed and e-versions of the book. What’s more, those names will remain an integral part of the book in all its future editions. So if you can, it would be great if you could subscribe – and remember: by the end of July.

End of blatantly commercial piece of exploitation…

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