Hold Everything! Alan Cadbury Image Discovered

I’ve been trying to find a picture of Alan Cadbury because the nice people at Unbound thought I ought to give him some publicity in my blog, what with Hay-on-Wye coming up and everything. But when it came to looking through all my old film files and more recent digital images, I couldn’t find anything. Absolutely nothing whatsoever. The thing is, he’s notoriously camera-shy. But then I came across this shot taken on a quarry dig in the southern Fens about five years ago. Alan is the one in black, on the right. The two men are standing alongside a beautifully excavated Bronze Age barrow revetment bank (note the fine palaeosol with truncated B soil horizon – so typical of the early second millennium BC in the region).
I think Alan intends to use this picture for his Facebook page. Very unlike him to promote himself like this – but it’s a free world, I suppose. Or maybe someone has put him up to it? Or maybe even he’s using it as a clever ruse in a case he’s working on. I don’t know, but I must admit, I find it all a bit intriguing…
Alan Cadbury, Bronze Age Barrow
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