This Time it’s Pink

Yesterday Twink was taking me for my morning walk through the woods when we came across this tasteful day-glow pink balloon, in the now familiar S-shape. No maker’s label and a bit weather-beaten. I honestly can’t be bothered to blog about each new balloon and if I did I’d lose all my followers, but I’ve included this one, just to show the problem continues – and nobody seems to think it matters. I forwarded my last post to the National Farmers’ Union (and we’ve been full members for over twenty years), but they didn’t even acknowledge receipt. Maybe if I’d been a barley baron complaining about Ramblers tramping through his grain plains they’d have deigned to reply…

But there are more weighty matters on the agenda – like the U.S. Fiscal Cliff. The more I think of it, the more I regard the Republicans as little short of barmy. Brain dead. Frankly, I’m lost for words that educated people in a sophisticated modern nation can be quite so stupid…

Pink Balloon in front of wood

Pink balloon

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