Time Team Series 20. My Second Episode: Day 3

A strange day, and in many ways a moving one. The morning was relatively routine: we caught up with our recording and other archaeological house-keeping. I also opened another trench where the geofizz signals looked very promising. It was OK, but not world changing; just ok. Then after lunch I had to do some scenes that took me away from the site, which I didn’t return to until about four in the afternoon, when I headed across to Raksha’s  trench. This was the one we’d placed over a series of cook-house huts the previous day. Down the centre ran what we’d thought was a cement-lined open shallow drain – maybe it was something to do with washing spuds or vegetables – that sort of thing.

Meanwhile Raksha was clearing rubble from the corner of the trench. Time was passing and the EoD (End of Day) scene was scheduled to start at five. So I gave her a hand trowelling and barrowing, as everyone else was busy with other things. As we worked Raksha explained that the limestone rubble we were revealing seemed to be part of a wall footing or something similar. She also pointed out that it was positioned more or less at the gable end of one of the cook-house huts. This set me thinking. At about that time I noticed there was another one of those strange shallow troughs that seemed to be continuing the line of her wall. And then it came to me: the troughs were nothing of the sort. They were in fact cement foundations for a brick or blockwork wall – for which there were clear impressions in the concrete. So this was, in fact, the first bona fide hut foundation we’d found in our three days on site. And we’d found it with about 20 minutes to spare. I called a crew over, and with Raksha we filmed a short scene, before rushing across the main park to film the EoD. It had been a very close run thing!

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