Time Team Series 20: My First episode – Rig Day: the Recce

That first post should have been about what I encountered when I first visited the site, which was around two in the afternoon. So forgive me for sneaking in another quickie. It was fantastic: an intact Iron Age hillfort – and a large one at that. The ramparts survive massively and are partly covered by trees. The interior is in very good condition, although I detected clear signs of medieval ploughing – which may have done some damage. But otherwise it looked great. In some respects this presents greater challenges – a damaged site is always easier to tackle. Basically you investigate what’s been left to you. But here it won’t be that simple. No, I think we must follow basic principles. We’ll do lots of geofizz and try to cover as much of the interior (12 acres??) as possible. But first I want to get a handle on the site’s origins. So we’ll have a look at a possible ditch that might help us. We’ll do that in the morning while the geofizz people are getting stuck in. And ‘stuck in’ might prove the right term, as clouds are already forming and the weathermen say it’s going to be a rough night and plenty of early morning rain as well. Still, the wet can sometimes improve soil conductivity and with it geophysics results. So fingers crossed. I’m already feeling much more optimistic. Roll on Day 1!

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