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Archaeologists make the best team-workers: shearing 2013

For years I’ve been saying to anyone who’ll listen that archaeologists make the best team-workers. And by God, we proved it on Saturday when with the help of two young contract shearers (brothers Harry and Sam Lombardi) we managed to … Continue reading

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I’m Doing Too Much…

Everyone tells me that, but it doesn’t help. It’s like telling a depressive that he or she ‘should snap out of it’. It’s fine in principle, I concede, but how does one put it into practice? How does one set … Continue reading

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In the deep mid-spring

These last few days have been as cold and unpleasant as any I’ve experienced. Three days ago we had 19mm of rain, so the garden flooded. The following night it froze hard, so heaven knows what damage was done to … Continue reading

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Lambing: a good start, fingers crossed

Like every sheep and cattle farmer in Britain, we’re keeping our fingers crossed in case we’re hit by the dreaded Schmallenberg Disease which could easily cause us to lose 80 of our expected 200 lambs. But worse even than that, … Continue reading

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Lambing 2013 Kicks off with healthy twins!

Lambing officially (i.e. 21 weeks after we put the tups to the ewes in early October) starts tomorrow, but when I went out for the dawn patrol this morning, I came across these two lovely lambs wandering around near the … Continue reading

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The Autumn Clear-Out

Houses have their spring cleans, gardens their autumn clear-out. Personally, I don’t go over-board  on my autumn clear-out too early, because if you dead-head everything in the borders, the poor garden birds are denied their seed larder for the winter. … Continue reading

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The New Year Begins

Life is an extraordinary process and nothing is more remarkable than its inception. It’s a great shame that in our hung-up society we choose either to ignore it or, worse, make smutty jokes about it – and I’ve been as … Continue reading

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Coma, Semi-Coma – Full Stop.

It has been an exhausting series of Time Team. The sites have been demanding and as for the weather, well, the least said the better. I think it was at the Machine Gun Corps camp that Raksha told me about … Continue reading

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To My Friends and Followers Down-Under

For some strange reason my last blog post seemed to appeal to readers and followers in Australia and New Zealand! And I didn’t mention ice cold beer (although to be quite honest, the beer we drank on Saturday evening was … Continue reading

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Shearing: Hot Work and Warm Memories

It has been such a cold and wet summer, but from a sheep farmer’s point of view it hasn’t been all gloom and doom. For a start, the cooler weather has meant there’ve been fewer flies and maggots around – … Continue reading

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