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Truth, Archaeology and Fiction (2)

As time passes I find I am more and more interested in what we mean by the terms Truth and Fiction. Indeed, the more I think about it, the more convinced I have become that analysis won’t help me come … Continue reading

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Made for Walking: my life and footwear

I nearly found myself starting this blog post with: ‘I don’t really approve of Twitter, but I Tweet.’ Then I thought about it. Aside from the fact that it’s fatuous, what on earth do we mean by ‘approve of’.  I … Continue reading

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Late Spring in the Garden

Time for a quick post before I immerse myself in the frantic, if cultured world of the Hay-on-Wye Festival. Time, too, for a quiet stroll through the garden and assessing the state of the season – and we still haven’t … Continue reading

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Writing About Writing: People

When I was a teenager I remember reading somewhere that an author – quite a famous one, I think – had to write. I can remember at the time I cringed. It sounded so precious and so pseudo-sensitive. Then, as … Continue reading

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Dundrum: My Final Broadcast Time Team

Sob, sob. I said ‘broadcast’ because the last one we filmed was Brancaster. So the future will be documentaries and for these we’ll move to a later slot, usually around nine o’clock. There’ll be two more ‘as live’ excavations after … Continue reading

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‘Making History’, Radio 4: Your Hero Rides Again

I love doing radio and of course Radio 4 is la crème de la crème. There’s nothing else remotely like it anywhere in the world. And rather like our Town and Country Planning Laws (see The Making, p. 573), ‘we … Continue reading

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My Life in Crime

I suppose that should be: My Life in Crime Writing. Some followers of this blog may have noticed that from time to time I’ve mentioned my ‘friend’ Alan Cadbury. Well, now I must confess: he isn’t a friend at all. … Continue reading

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Verbal Incontinence is Spreading, It Seems

Will my followers please forgive me, but I’ve been got-at by a rather obsessive archaeologist called Alan Cadbury. He’s been bugging me about writing-up his exploits, and like a complete idiot I said Yes. You know what it’s like when … Continue reading

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Time Team Series 20, My Fourth Episode: Coniston Copper Mines

The film to be shown this coming Sunday (February 3rd) at 4.20 (yes, that’s 1620 hours) was filmed high in the Cumbrian Fells, within the shadow of the Old Man of Coniston. We actually did the filming in the last … Continue reading

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DIY Garden Decoration: Wirework

Maisie and I share one huge advantage over the bulk of middle class humanity: we don’t have good taste. Snobby friends from London are constantly having to avert their eyes as they walk around our garden: here’s a painted concrete … Continue reading

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